A hydraulic dock leveler equipped with Rite-Hite’s Smooth Transition Dok System® and push button operation, allows the operator to raise or lower the dock leveler rather than using a manual pull-chain process. Additionally, Rite-Hite hydraulic loading dock levelers contain a Self-Flexing deck that helps prevent injury caused by whole-body vibration (WBV) and damage to equipment or products. This helps the forklift driver to safely navigate uneven trailer loads, as the hydraulic dock leveler flexes up to 4-inches under its own weight to bring it to parallel with the trailer bed floor.

Hydraulic Dock Leveler Benefits

Lower Lifetime Ownership Costs – Unique structural engineering stands firm under extreme warehouse demands to lower repair and maintenance costs, while increasing product lifespan.

Hydraulic Leveler Upgrades – The Safe-T-Lip® dock leveler upgrade, among other upgrades, helps provides an additional layer of safety by providing unobstructed end-load access and increasing productivity by reducing operating time.

Maximum Safety – Exclusive features help prevent rapid free-fall, vacant dock drop-off, Stump-out, threats during maintenance, and more!

Increased Productivity – Effortless push button operation for a wide range of solutions such as high capacity, full-width end-loading, drive-through, environmental control, and supply chain integrity.

Smooth Transition – Complete loading dock system designed to help reduce chronic injuries, prevent absenteeism, and eliminate damage to products and equipment.

Ergonomically Friendly – Hydraulic dock levelers do not require the dock operator to use their weight to position the bridge or bend or reach to manually pull a chain for raising and lowering the hydraulic dock leveler.

Non-Adjustable Velocity Fuse – helps stop rapid leveler descent with a heavy load on the platform; providing ultimate free-fall protection.

Industry Leading Warranty – Rite-Hite offers a variety of warranties that are based on your specific equipment and facility needs.


Corporate Station Bangladesh is authorized distributor of Rite Hite in Bangladesh market for dock management system. For any product or technical support contact with Corporate Station Bangladesh.  Dock Levelers can help you to improve your loading procedure in Bangladesh. We maximize safety and productivity with our robust and effective dock leveling systems, which guarantee smooth transitions for both people and goods. Check out dependable loading options for your commercial requirements.


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