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Stain removal is the way toward expelling an imprint or spot left by one substance on a particular surface like a texture. A dissolvable or cleanser is commonly used to stain removal and huge numbers of these are accessible over the counter. Stain removal machine works by following the same procedure.

Corporate Station Bangladesh has brought this Stain Removal Machine for the first time in Bangladesh. This company has already introduced us to different products that are really rare in our country. Again this Stain Removal is very much needed in our country as we have many garments factory. And in garments factory, the product has a huge demand. So Corporate Station Bangladesh is helping in the garments sector undoubtedly. The product is also known by cleaning machine bd or dry machine bd.

By using modern technology and superior quality materials this stain removal works. In addition, the product is available in customized options and also in market rates.

The spot in the fabrics

Spots can be stubborn or light. But it has a huge impact on our outlook. So it is needed to keep the fabrics spotless. So for that, we need to know the type of fabrics.

Types of Fabrics

There are different kinds of fabrics or garments material where the spot attached. We need to know about the fabrics for knowing how to remove those spots-

Cotton – Cotton can persevere through high temp water, cold water, continued washing and scrubbings. If the stain is on cotton, you have the most removal choices.

Wool – More fragile than cotton, wool can’t persevere through continued washing and need to be spread level to dry.

Synthetic – Stains on manufactured textures can be tricky, particularly paint stains. A few solvents like acetone or smelling salts can liquefy or debase the texture.

Silk – An extremely delicate texture, silk can be destroyed if the stain expulsion removal is excessively unfriendly. It might be ideal to take stained silk to an expert professional cleaner.

The solvents used in the Stain Removal

Whether the stain is easy or stubborn dissolving solvent is basically used to remove the spots. Some solvents that are using to stain removal are-

Water-Water is the easiest solvent that damage less to your fabrics. Whatever hot, cold, fresh all types of water can be the solvent and make the fabrics clean and spot free.

Vinegar – Vinegar is a characteristic and powerful stain remover. When utilizing it on wool or synthetics, use sparingly, and consider spot-testing in a subtle zone first.

Oxidizing Solvents- The bleach that is used in household for removing stains can remove the stain’s shading without dissolving the stain itself. Hydrogen peroxide is likewise a fading specialist that can be utilized to treat stains.

Decreasing solvents-Sodium hydrosulfite and sodium hypochlorite typically utilized for evacuating stain and colors hues.

Detergents- Surfactants (cleansers) are atoms that have one polar end and one non-polar end and can be utilized for stain evacuation. They can emulsify aggravates that are not normally solvent in water.

Acids– Lemon juice, containing citrus extract which is the dynamic fading specialist, can successfully evacuate stains. Its activity can be quickened by presenting the stain to daylight, or some other UV source while soaking. Various acids were utilized in the past, for example, Phosphoric corrosive as utilized in Calcium. Both of these acids were utilized basically to expel rust. Other rust evacuation acids are oxalic corrosive.

Basic Info of the Stain Removal Machine

Stain removal machine mechanism is used for removing the spot, any kinds of rust or dirt from fabrics or cloths. In garments factory, a wide range of fabrics is manufactured for import and export reason. So they have to give quality products to their customers. But in manufacturing time spots, rust or any kind of strong spots can be attached in the cloths or fabrics. This kind of fabrics will not be moved to the markets or other places for sale. Stain removal machine can easily give the solution by removing the spots from the fabrics. The others name of stain removal is spot removing machine.

The stain removal machine works fully instrumentally. By applying chemicals and compressed air it can completely eradicate the spot form the garments fabrics or clothing. The whole structure of this machine is made of standard grade treated steel that can persevere through destructive synthetic substances used to evacuate stain from the fabrics easily. It uses steam or hot air gun for the end of stubborn marks. Aside from it’s in constructed kettle and blower, this Stain Removing Machine is planned with roomy treated steel bowl and plate for the deliberate capacity of articles of clothing. Vitality proficient task, extraordinary stain expulsion control regardless of texture quality and low vitality use are a portion of its primary traits. Also, an iron table is attached to the product to dry the fabrics.


  • The product is very easy to install
  • The structure is made of stainless steel that is completely rust proof
  • This machine is suitable for all sorts of fabrics
  • It has high strength
  • The efficiency of the product is superior
  • It doesn’t need high maintenance rather it requires a less maintenance
  • It has a rigid design
  • The user-friendly design has the ability to improve the productivity level
  • Undoubtedly it has an optimum functionality

The advantages of using the product

  • A solid sucking to a dissolvable smell and a quick drying of texture adequately
  • A two distinctive sort of a dissolvable conceivable to utilizing
  • A Completely conceivable to a stain off spot with exceptional planned firearm gadget
  • It’s anything but difficult to a stain off attempting to an article of clothing shoulder, sleeve, and jeans as swing arm buck works
  • Conceivable to a stain off without texture harm
  • Treated steel body and solid vacuum avert the development of rust, harm to textures and arrangement of the Round-ring stain
  • Imported steam and sight-seeing gun for washing and drying and furthermore diminishes the use of “Carbon Tetra Chloride
  • Wide scope of models and uniquely designed plans accessible to suit various applications

Why choose us?

Corporate Station Bangladesh is very much concerned about the customers’ satisfaction. Within an affordable price, it provides quality products and earns the trust of its customers within a short time. Also, it ensures the quality of the product.  Apart from that, it is always in your side for any kind of query regarding their services.

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