We Providing Automatic Lock Hook, 25 MM Opening in Bangladesh. Automatic Lock Hook AM030 Is Made with Aluminium Alloy.

Description :

Product: Automatic lock hook in aluminium alloy. Opening 25 mm.

Brand: Delta Plus

Model: AM030

Colour: Steel

Size: One size


Aluminium alloy.

Weight: 0,13 kg.

Instructions for use:


The connector is essential for your safety so we recommend that you, assign it to an individual user whenever possible, and check it before each use. If you are in any doubt whatsoever about the safe condition of this product or if the connector has been used to arrest a fall, it is essential for safety that it is withdrawn from use. Ensure that the instructions for other components used in conjunction with these products are complied with as stated by the EC directive 89/686/EEC (personal protective equipment).

The anchor device or anchor point should always be positioned, considering both the height of fall and the extension of the rope in order to avoid possible obstructions (i.e. the ground). Be sure that the anchorage strength corresponds to min.

breaking loaded to 23kN


It is important to make plan for a rescue in the event of a fall BEFORE starting to work. It is also important to ensure that the employer has a documented rescue plan and has the ability to implement it.


When used as part of a PPE system against falls from a height, this connector must be connected to a compatible connection (example: a correct D-Ring). It is important to ensure compatibility in order to avoid possibility of roll-out or disengagement. Ensure that proper fall clearance exists in order to prevent striking ground or other objects in the event of a fall.


The connector you have just acquired is used to connect personal protective equipment to some other system component (harness, lanyard, fall arrester, anchorage point, etc.). The connector is designed to be used either as a basic connector class B or as a manufactured end connector class T. It is important that connector be secured to an anchorage point in such a manner that any force exerted will be along the major axis of the connector. Avoid situations where forces could be applied against the minor axis. Care should be taken to avoid loading a connector across its gate.

When assessing the appropriateness of a fall arrest system, the length of this connector should be taken into consideration concerning all distance.

Limits to use:


The products shall not be used outside its limitations, or for any purpose other than that for which it is intended.

Don’t make any alterations or additions to the equipment without the manufacturer’s prior written consent. Any repair shall only be made by the manufacturer. Only one personal protective system can be attached to this connector. This connector is designed for use by one person only.

When using a class B connector, it can be a part of a subsystem and fixed so that forces would be exerted only along the major axis.

When employing a connector that has a manual closing gate (example # screw gate), it is recommended that it be used in situations that DO NOT require frequent attachment and removal during a working period.

IT IS ESSENTIAL to ensure before use that the recommandations specific to each part associated witth this product are complied with, as specified in the manual.


  • Ensure that the anchorage point is above the user.
  • Avoid situation where force may be applied to the gate of a connecting device.
  • Ensure gate of connecting device closes properly. For the manual locking carabiners, it is imperative that you lock them.
  • Avoid connections that would place force against the gate or locking lever of a connecting device.

Service Live: It is very difficult to estimate obsolescence due to local use and storage conditions. However, the following may reduce the strength greatly and the lifespan: incorrect use, severe fall arrest, mechanical deformation, fall from a height on the connector, general wear and tear, gate malfunction, chemical contamination, heat contamination.

Instructions for storage:


Storage : During transportation or after any necessary cleaning, drying and lubrication, store unpacked in a cool, dry, dark place in a chemically neutral environment away from excessive heat or heat sources, high humidity, sharp edges, corrosives or other possible causes of damage. Do not store wet. Avoid U.V. radiation, and salt environments.

Instructions for cleaning / maintenance:


Cleaning: If soiled, rinse in clean water (maximum temperature 40°C) with mild neutral detergent. When the equipment becomes wet, either from being in use or when due to cleaning, it shall be allowed to dry naturally, and shall be kept away from direct heat.

Lubrication: Lubricate mobile parts (e.g. spring and rivet ) with a silicone based lubricant only. This should be carried out after cleaning and drying.

Performances :


comply with the essential requirements of the Directive 89/686/EEC and the general requirements of the standard EN362:2004


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