Earthing Equipment for Electric Motor

We provide a wide range of superior products that meet international requirements, from grounding rods to specialty connections. You can rely on Corporate Station Bangladesh to give you the equipment and knowledge required to properly safeguard your electric motors, ensuring your operations in Bangladesh are secure and worry-free.

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For vital earthing tools made especially for Earthing Equipment for Electric Motors in Bangladesh, look no farther than Corporate Station Bangladesh. Maintaining continuous operations and safeguarding expensive equipment require electrical safety above all else. Our selection of earthing tools is painstakingly designed to protect electric motors from possible electrical problems, guaranteeing a dependable and secure atmosphere. Investigate our selection right now to put equipment longevity and electrical safety first. Try our new equipment Earthing Equipment for Electric Motors in Bangladesh and secure your safety now!

Description of Earthing Equipment for Electric Motors in Bangladesh

Earthing Equipment for Electric Motors in Bangladesh
Earthing Equipment for Electric Motors in Bangladesh



  • Earthing and short-circuiting equipment for industrial motors.
  • Unique and innovative: Finally, a solution adapted to the problems of all industrial engines.
  • Safety: Ensures the earthing of installations during maintenance.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Universal: Suitable for most installations.
  • Allows working on cables with or without lugs.


  • Maximum short circuit intensity 14 kA / 1s.
  • 1 body made of copper alloy.
  • Connection points for earthing and short-circuiting cables equipped with lug terminals from Ø 8 mm to 12 mm.
  • Connection points for earthing and short-circuiting cables from Ø 4 mm to 8 mm.
  • 1 earthing cable made of copper with extra flexible PVC insulation, cross-section 50 mm², length 2 m.
  • 1 earthing clamp.
  • 1 protection cover.


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