Outdoor Fire Resistant Safety Storage Cabinets

We all know that hazardous chemicals are generally flammable, explosive and toxic, and their storage before their destruction or regeneration is very important. If there is no safe storage environment for hazardous chemicals, it is extremely easy to cause fire or leakage of toxic chemicals, endangering people’s lives and property. From the perspective of safe storage, the hazardous chemicals stored indoors are mostly small-capacity and high-risk. Dangerous chemicals such as large containers and oil drums will take up a lot of indoor space. The transport of hazardous chemicals is also inconvenient. In addition, most enterprises or scientific research institutions do not have the economic ability to build Class A warehouses, so more practice is to build a rainproof shelter outdoors. Hazardous chemical raw materials or hazardous wastes are piled up on site with great potential safety hazards, and they cannot pass the safety inspections of safety supervision, fire protection and other departments. The original design of the outdoor fire-resistant safety cabinet is to allow users to safely store hazardous chemicals and hazardous waste outdoors, thereby reducing the safety risk factor. It also saves valuable indoor space.

Product Descripsion:

  • Model:WA530021
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Product Introduction:


1. The whole cabinet is tested for fire resistance according to GB/T 9978.1-2008 “Fire resistance test methods for building components – Part 1: General requirements”, and the fire resistance time of the whole cabinet reaches 2.5h. The temperature rise inside the cabinet should not be higher than 180℃ within 2.5h.
2. The cabinet adopts a double-layer steel plate structure, and the compartment is filled with fire-resistant materials, which has excellent flame-retardant and fire-resistant performance.
3. The cabinet adopts electrostatic spraying method, sprayed with outdoor special plastic powder, which can effectively resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays and rain, and has better weather resistance.
4. There is a drain tank at the bottom of the cabinet to effectively deal with the accumulated liquid in the cabinet, which meets the standard requirements of Part 264 of the EPA 40CFR264.175 Environmental Protection Law.
5. The base of the cabinet is welded with high-strength channel steel, with a slot, and can be equipped with a forklift to facilitate the movement of the cabinet.
6. The four corners of the cabinet are provided with stainless steel expansion bolts and the ground for good fixation, which effectively ensures the stability of the cabinet in bad weather.
7. It is equipped with a ventilation and ventilation device as standard, and is equipped with a UL certified flame arrester. When the ambient temperature reaches 70 °C, the ventilation opening will be automatically closed. Stainless steel rodent mesh is installed inside the vents.
8. The cabinet is equipped with steel hot-dip galvanized grille, which can effectively carry heavy objects such as oil drums.
9. The cabinet is in strict accordance with OSHA specifications, and the cabinet is provided with an electrostatic grounding conduction port, which is convenient for installation of electrostatic connection lines.
10. The eye-catching label can be recognized in low-visibility light, providing additional security.
11. Comply with EPANFPA30 and NFPA1 requirements.

12. 15-year limited warranty for the whole cabinet.





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