Description of Gasman in Bangladesh

Gasman in Bangladesh
Gasman in Bangladesh

Tough and small, the  is a single gas detector that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. Because of its lightweight and compact form, it is the best option for industrial gas detection in oil and gas, chemical facilities that handle exotic gases, steel works, hotels, renewable energy (hydrogen), waste and water treatment, and steel works (specific CO sensor). With a weight of only 130g, it is incredibly robust, featuring dust/water ingress protection, high impact resistance, loud 95 dB alarms, a clear red/blue visual warning, a single button control, and an easy-to-read, backlit LCD display to make sure that battery life, alarm conditions, and gas level readings can all be clearly seen. Standard features include data and event logging as well as a built-in 30-day alert system for when calibration is necessary. Gasman in Bangladesh is brough to you by corporate station Bangladesh.


  • Robust Polycarbonate Enclosure: safeguards you in the most extreme conditions
    IP65 Full Over Moulding Water and Dust Resistant – Strong Impact Resistance

Effective warning

  • TWA alarms for toxic versions and two levels of instantaneous alarms guarantee a timely escape from the dangerous area.
    Audible alarm at 95 dB
    Vivid Twin Red/Blue Visual Alarm: When surrounding noise levels are high, Gasman vibrates and activates the high-impact blue/red LED alarms to warn you.
    Internal Alarm with Vibrating Motion


  • Versions of the gas detector that are customized to meet your needs are available for flammable, oxygen, and toxic gases.
    All-gas versions that are rechargeable
    Non-Rechargeable Versions: Perfect for hazardous gasses and oxygen
    Options for Real-Time TWA and Peak Display
    Completely Swapable Sensitive and intelligent sensor modules

User friendly

  • One-button operation that is simple to use and swift
    Easy-to-read Backlit Display for Gas Diagnostics and Operating Status: Only 85g for Toxic Versions Makes It Ultra Lightweight and Comfortable to Wear

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