T4x in Bangladesh

T4x in Bangladesh
T4x in Bangladesh

The zone 0 certified T4x personal protection solution from Crowcon can identify the four most typical gas hazards:

CO, or carbon monoxide
H2S, or hydrogen sulfide
Gases that Flammable (MPS)
Depletion of Oxygen (O2)

enhanced pentane, hexane, and other long chain hydrocarbon detection now available.
providing you with a straightforward solution that has low ownership costs and compliance. T4x is easy to use with gloves on because to its large single button and simple menu layout. Minimal training is required.

T4x is built to last and comes with a built-in rubber boot as standard. The ability to simply remove and replace an optional clip-on filter cover guarantees that sensors are protected even in the dirtiest settings.T4x enables continuous operation in the most demanding situations. It is drop tested to 4 meters and has IP65 and IP67 certification, providing good protection against water infiltration.

reduces the risk of poisoning and the need for replacement sensors

Achieve more with less resources: T4x reduces the number of replacement sensor replacements by 75% and eliminates poisoning; during the device’s lifespan, only one sensor needs to be replaced.

For any oxygen-filled confined space, proceed to the gas detector.

The T4x is the only gas detector that should be used in any confined location where oxygen is present since it can immediately identify more than 15 combustible gases at once in addition to CO, H2S, and O2.

Longer-lasting batteries

With a battery life of more than 35 hours—double that of our original T4—it is possible to work longer or more shifts between recharges.

types of sensors

MPS: Develops molecular property spectrometer (MPSTM) sensor technology, which allows one instrument to detect and precisely identify more than 15 different combustible gases.

Dual Toxic: Using a dual toxic sensor (CO and H2S) with a three-year lifespan. With tried-and-true technology, you get the same performance of multiple sensors in a single package, saving money on replacements.


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