Whether you are testing for compliance or troubleshooting and tuning the testo 350 portable emission analyzer offers everything you need!

Control Unit – Provides remote control operation up to 300 ft away

  • Color graphic display is easy to see in dark or bright conditions
  • Go wireless with long-range 300 ft. Bluetooth (or wired to over 3,000 ft.) to eliminate long sample lines

Analyzer box – for high accuracy measurements

  • Contains up to six sensors, pumps, gas path, sample conditioning, and more
  • Conditions the gas sample automatically, thermoelectric (peltier) chiller as required by regulatory agencies

Test up to six gases simultaneously, or swap sensors out for additional parameters with field replaceable pre-calibrated digital sensors

  • Dilution system for the widest testing ranges and greatest sensor protection
  • Sample conditioning utilizes a thermoelectric chiller and a peristaltic hose pump for controlled water removal and EPA compliance
  • Automatic flow-controlled high strength pump
  • Proven sample gas path with Teflon® lined hoses
  • Continuous temperature compensation for assured accuracy
  • Flow rate and sensor temperature monitoring for US EPA CTM-030, -034, ASTM D6522, and SCAQMD 1110.2 and 1146 requirements
  • User defined programs with onboard memory to 250,000 values
  • User configured testing programs
  • Emission Rates: Real time display w/ EPA Method 19 Calculations
  • Mass flow and emission rates with pitot tube
  • User defined O2 reference for EPA and state reporting




wide selection of probes for every application

Built for simple field service

The testo 350 represents the latest in portable emission analyzer technology for longer up-time in the field and lower cost of ownership.

testo 350 portable emission analzyer back access


To learn more about each of these features,
please click here to download a detailed PDF.


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# Testo 350 Portable Emission Analyzer in Bangladesh


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