Plunger cans can be used to help safely distribute flammable liquids or solvents and are ideal containers for flammable and volatile liquids.

Product Features:
(1) The material of plunger cans is high quality stainless steel, suitable for most cleaning chemicals;
(2) In the process of use, the liquid can be pumped from the can to the top tray by pressing the tray, which is convenient and quick to soak the wiping towel and improve the wiping efficiency;
(3) After removing the remaining liquid in the tray will flow back into the can to avoid waste;
(4) The special structure design can effectively control the liquid volatilization in the can into the air, reduce air pollution, maintain the physical and mental health of employees, and prevent the danger of gas explosion poisoning;
(5) By using plunger cans can effectively control the use of cleaning liquid, improve work efficiency and safety. At the same time, the pore structure and internal design of the tray can play a role in reducing flame.

1′ Can’t use glue or sticky liquid in the plunger cans;
2′ Can’t overload, recommended maximum height of about 3/4.

The product application
Corporate Station Bangladesh is a professional supplier of Plunger Cans in Bangladesh.


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