Product Introduction:
It can be used for storing oil barrels, chemical barrels, and other items in the factory, as well as for personnel cleaning and vehicle
cleaning pools, etc. Adapt to the leakage prevention work in various environments. Products can be quickly opened and folded,

expanded to use after folding. Compact easy to carry.

1, one-piece design with PVC, unique stainless steel supporting parts;
2, The supporting parts are convenient to be dismantled, and the berm can
be dumped unilaterally to facilitate vehicle access;
3, Applicable to various environments such as a workshop, factory, and field,
Applicable to stacking and temporary storage of oil products and most acid
4, Applicable to personnel, vehicle cleaning, and leakage prevention, and other
5, Reserve rings are set at the four corners, which can be used for retaining
the berm;
6, Support for customization.
Corporate Station Bangladesh is a professional supplier of Portable Spill Containment Berm in the Bangladesh market.
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