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Common Problems with Warehouse Doors and Cold Storage/ Freezer Doors
Essentially, doors serve as a barrier to protect us from harm, save energy and help us
separate processes for optimal productivity. When they aren’t working properly, you
could face unscheduled downtime and costly shipping or production delays. There are
common problems to investigate if your door is not doing its job:

 Door won’t open
 Door is stuck
 Door seal is damaged
 Unit is leaking
 Automatic doors are non-responsive or stuck
 Door was knocked, bumped, or damaged
 Door is off its track
 Door is affected by grime, buildup, or oxidation/rust
 Frost accumulation along the edges of doors or warehouse cannot maintain proper

If you are repairing the door in-house, remember that safety comes first. Ensure that the
door is locked out / tagged out, cannot fall on another person and wear protective gear
while you investigate. The second most important rule is that you should never try to
force a door back onto its tracks. Rule out the most obvious problems first, like empty or
malfunctioning power sources for automatic doors or grime that needs to be cleared
from the tracks. If the door and track are not physically damaged, and the spring or
chain is still intact, you can try putting the door back onto its track.

If you are diagnosing a cold storage door or freezer door, the cause may be less
obvious but it will also determine the scope of repair necessary. It is easier to replace
individual components, like hinges or individual panels, but it may be more difficult to
replace or repair walls, floors and entire refrigeration systems. Thankfully, a new door
could be all you need to keep the refrigeration system up and running for years.
Diagnose and repair/replace your doors as quickly as possible to avoid further
disruption to your business, and to also avoid security risks and environmental risks.
Ongoing, do your best to keep to a comprehensive maintenance schedule to prevent
big issues down the road.
When you do have to replace or upgrade your warehouse door or cold storage/freezer
door, make sure your door is designed by the experts. Here’s are the top five things to
keep in mind when you need a new industrial door:

1. Fabric Warehouse Doors Offer Safety Advantages
Innovations by warehouse door manufacturers have led to new safety precautions that
you won’t find on older industrial doors. Rite-Hite LiteSpeed Door has a unique, soft
bottom edge and soft-breakaway system without metal/plastic support or electrical
wiring buried within the door. It provides a softer, safer cushion for products, personnel,
and equipment.

2. Your Doors Determine Your Environmental Risk
If you work in a sanitary or quality controlled environment, you need an industrial door
that holds the line. In some industries, your warehouse door must exceed compliance to
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and United
States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The best Clean Room Doors will be designed
with a smooth curtain fabric and stainless steel components for easy and frequent wipe
downs, corrosion resistance and seal replacement.

3. When Warehouse Doors are Too Slow, You Lose Money
In real-time manufacturing, every moment counts. You shouldn’t waste time waiting for
doors to open and close — even seconds will add up when you count the books. Rite-
Hite engineers designed doors with faster cycles, improving productivity, and less
energy loss. With peak speeds up to 120”/ sec (3 m/sec), high speed doors are swifter
to help with superior environmental separation and control or unscheduled downtime.

4. Simple Maintenance, Best-in-Class Service
Rite-Hite representatives provide maintenance and repairs for your warehouse doors
and other industrial doors throughout your facility and our Representative Network can
also help you upgrade doors when the time is right. Changing your space? No problem.
Your support doesn’t expire when your facility changes. If you’re moving to a new
facility, updating your existing facility, or building out additional space, we have a team
of design and product experts to find a customized solution that meets all of your needs.

5. Knows Your Industry Well
There are so many factors that go into choosing the right industrial door. The right
vendor will understand your industry’s specific needs to find the best solution. Some of
our customers are more interested in a climate-controlled environment while others are
fine with outside air to keep their employees cooler. Some packed warehouses may
benefit from smaller equipment footprints while other warehouses are more interested in
heavier doors to deter intruders.

The experts at Rite-Hite evaluate the performance of your existing doors against other
door options, whether you are buying new or repairing. Our revolutionary line ofindustrial doors is designed with these efficiencies in mind to bring your workflow to its
highest potential with leading engineers designing new products for high-speed, low-
maintenance, and maximum-uptime solutions.

Rite-Hite Industrial Doors in Bangladesh can improve industrial security and efficiency. For your business, our robust and creative door solutions provide dependable access management and security. Examine high-performing industrial doors to create a safer and more efficient work environment.
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Rite-Hite Industrial door in BD
Rite-Hite Industrial Door In Bangladesh

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